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Services at H.O.P.E., Dublin, Ireland

H.O.P.E. Addiction Services. We Case Manage our clients who suffer with addictions to access an abstinence based lifestyle. We feel this provides the greatest quality of life for the individual, their family, and community. We believe that any addict can attain and maintain freedom from addiction with supports in place. We would like to see the cycle of multi-generational alcoholism, drug abuse, and drug substitution broken in this community.  Our community detox consists of assessment, case management, key working, care planning, building interagency links, helping access a medically supervised detox (either in or out patient) and accessing other therapies if needed.  We also work to help people access residential treatment centres and day programmes. When someone is not ready to become addiction free, we refer them to a service where they can find daily maintenance support, and work with them around advocacy issues if needed.  

Advocacy Services.  As part of Case Management we support clients with a range of issues to help them find and maintain recovery. These difficulties are related to, or may be a contributing factor, to their addiction. These may include family issues, illness, poverty, unemployment, sub-standard housing, legal issues, and early school leaving among others.  We believe that in order to stay free from addiction an individual needs to see an improvement in their lifestyle and deal with painful issues from the past.  We are a small service, if  we can not help with an issue we will refer to someone who can.  We have a good number of clients each year who have gone on to third level education and we support them in anyway they can.  We also help clients find out about their entitlements, help them look for emergency accommodation.

Family Support. Many members of this community are affected by addiction.  This might be by living with someone in active addiction, bereavement, or have in their care the children of active addicts. There are many issues and damage caused by addiction in this community.  Our Senior Project Worker Joe Dowling has been by many families’ sides helping them cope.

HOPE Recovery Runners:  This is a great boost to our clients in recovery, mentally and physically.  We need twice at week at 1 pm, Tuesday and Thursdays outside of HOPE's office and all are welcome. We have a professional coach and it is free of charge.

HOPE Yoga:   Every Monday at 1pm at Kilarney Court Community Hall around the corner from the HOPE office with a professional yoga teacher. This service is free of charge. All welcome!



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