Addiction Education - Reports & Resources

Education and Training

HOPE runs a range of unique training programmesDublin's North Inner City. The courses are developed and delivered by Irene Crawley, H.O.P.E. manager. Some of the trainings we have ran over the years include:

  • Education and Seminars on latest drug trends.
  • Drug and alcohol prevention education in secondary schools.
  • Training for Trainers – teaching adults drug and alcohol education delivery facilitation skills.
  • Peer Education – teaching teenagers to deliver drug and alcohol education to their peers.
  • Hope's Parenting for Prevention.
  • Hepatitis C Education day.


Restorative Justice.  We run this programme in conjunction with the probation services. This consists of assessment and education for people who have been arrested for minor offences related to drugs and alcohol. The goal is to take the opportunity to help those who may have a substance abuse issue and prevent recidivism.

In collaboration with the Prevention and Education sub-committee of the Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, we have facilitated a number of youth events. The purpose of these events was not only to educate transition year students on substance abuse harm, but also to get their ideas and for them to help plan future education campaigns.

We also offer student placements and work experience to members of the community each year. One of our students says:

“I have been on college work placement in HOPE for the last couple of months and was not aware of its services before. On arriving I was made to feel welcome. I noticed this was the case for anybody who came through the door, no matter what their circumstances. I soon realised HOPE is an important service in the North Inner City and is regularly used by the community to access a range of services and supports. I've really enjoyed my placement and the whole experience as it has given me an insight into the importance of these services to a community, and encouraged me to follow this work.”