26/06/2017 Notice from North Inner City Community Coalition

Dear All,

The next NICCC General meeting will be on:

Date: Monday 10th July
Time: 4pm
Venue: D-Light Studios, 46 North Great Clarence Street (warehouse building beside the new apartments on the corner of Dunne Street)

We asked that the working groups meet to discuss the terms of reference and convenor and other representative positions in advance of the meeting.

The Convenors will be putting forward a recommendation for discussion that their current mandate is extended in order to ensure continuity while the current structures and processes are being established with a view to holding elections after that.

Karl Mitchell and Ursula Donnellan from DCC have accepted our suggestion that they meet with the working groups to start hearing the priority issues. In advance of this meeting we are asking that working groups meet again to priorities the actions in the submission and begin looking at short, medium and long term actions. Once this has been done we will set up a date for Karl and Urusla to meet your working groups. The convenors will organise the meeting in conjunction with the chairs.

FYI: The convenors will meet with Michael Stone (Executive Chair) tomorrow and the first meeting of the Implementation Board will be on Wednesday. As it stands only one convenor has been invited to the meeting on Wednesday. We will discuss this with Michael Stone tomorrow.

Best wishes,

(on behalf of the Convenors)

Community World Café

North Inner City Community World Café
North Inner City Community World Café

Last week the community (Wednesday 22nd June) of the North Inner City played host to its first World Café. Community members of all rank came down to O’Connell’s School Hall to take part in what was hopefully the first of many community brainstorming sessions. Most in attendance were local representation in the form of Councillors and Ministers. As well there was a variety of community representation from the various community organisations that are on the ground working directly with the community. There were some local residents in attendance too.


At this, the first of it’s kind, community brainstorming session, a number of topics were put forward to guide the discussion. Each table had two topics, and participants were asked to pick a table where they would brainstorm for a certain period of time before swapping table to a new topic. After two rounds of brainstorming, everyone’s ideas were shared and everyone was given the opportunity to make their agreements known on poster paper.


The main point of this meeting was to identify the most critical issues faced by the community and to possibly come up with some creative solutions. All of this, so the community can hand the new government-run drugs task force a detailed list of issues as identified by the community.