This is just the beginning…


After a number of months of deliberations, the eight working groups of the north inner city community coalition came together to present their draft proposals for Kieran Mulvey, who is due to report the situation in the North Inner city to an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. This event comes after a number of community brainstorming sessions devised to bring together the various organisations of the North Inner City’s vast communities.


The energy that has brought all these community groups together, came out of what was a growing number of criminal fatalities. The Government stepped in to not only quash the gangland activities suffered by the communities of the north inner city but to question their roots and provide preventative measures to the communities who have seen little of the growth celebrated nationally from the most recent economic crash.



…is the message of reassurance from the NICCC convenors. The convenors confidently assured the larger group that this is the first step in community-state engagement.


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