Help us put the road to recovery on the map.

Leave HOPE a review.
Leave HOPE a review.

We need your help. HOPE are trying to maintain a place on Google Maps. We know the brave people of the North Inner City are always keen to help.  On their Maps, Google highlights a place that has a lot of Internet activity. For example, website clicks, Google Plus clicks and Google Reviews. The more people that check the map for a place, or review a place, the better chance a place has at being highlighted on the map. This is where you come in. We are looking for reviews. We are confident that the sincere people of the community we serve can provide reliable and unique reviews of the services HOPE provides.

If you follow this link it will bring you to HOPE’s Google Maps profile. At the bottom of our profile, you will see the review section. There you can contribute to our online presence.



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