Bloomsday 2018 Poster


Free of charge and open to all

Saturday June 16th 2018

Liberty Park, Foley Street, Noon to 2 pm

Organised by HOPE and North Inner City Folklore

Funded and Supported by NEIC

The Monto plays a role in  James Joyce’s Ulysses and we will make it our own, mixing songs, readings, and a bit of the Monto story.  Come along, dress up, a  mobile costume unit on site. Play a part! Rehearsals June 12 at the HOPE office Unit 1 Sean Tracey House, 5.30 pm—All welcome.

Afternoon tea will be served

To volunteer: Irene 01-887-8404 / [email protected]

Terry Fagan 087-921-0673 / [email protected]

Oh if you’ve got a wingo, take her up to Ringo
Where the waxies sing-o all the day.
If you’ve had your fill of porter and you can’t go any


Just give your men the order, “Back to the quay”
And take her up to Monto, Monto, Monto
Take her up to Monto langeroo! To you
Well you’ve heard of Butcher Foster, the dirty old


He took his mot and lost her up in Furry Glen
He first put on his bowler, then he buttoned up his


And he whistled for a growler and he said “My men”
And take me up to Monto, Monto, Monto
Take me up to Monto langeroo! To you


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