Family support handbook. Information for families affected by someone’s drug and alcohol use


This book is for anyone who has a family
member misusing drugs or alcohol, including
parents, siblings, partners, grandparents and
friends. This book was put together by
practitioners working in the area of drug and
alcohol support and is based on
recommendations from family members that had
previously sought information and support.
Many of these family members commented that
it was difficult to find accurate and relevant
information and so we have endeavoured to
make this information more accessible in this
resource and through the links within it.
It is not intended that you read this handbook in
one session. We would encourage you to take
some time out and find some peace and quiet
with no distractions to read the sections that are
relevant to you. You may also want to share it
with other family members and discuss what you
have read. Having this discussion may help
develop options as part of a family response.
Though we hope that you will find this
information helpful, and that it provides some
useful pointers, this handbook offers information
that is general in nature so issues that may be
painful for some readers are dealt with very
briefly. Some sections may resonate with you
and others may not. Through reading it, we hope
you will find some ways to help you work
through this difficult time a little more easily, and
that you will realise you are not alone and that
importantly support is available. Perhaps, this is
a starting point where you can seek further help
for you and/or other family members.

Click here to read the Family-Support-Handbook

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